About EdgeFIT

Cutting Edge . Complete Fitness

Cutting Edge

EdgeFIT programs have been designed, structured, and developed through years of research, experience, trial and practice to offer ground breaking and exclusive new techniques, exercises and workouts the likes of which have never been seen before.

EdgeFIT programs offer a unique blend of Kettlebell Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Body-weight Conditioning, Gymnastics and Metabolic Conditioning all combined into one complete training program.

Our programs are functional, complete, adaptable, and practical and have been specifically designed to extend the boundaries of human performance potential, in an attempt to achieve the ultimate level of health, fitness and wellness.


EdgeFIT programs focus on functional movements that have real world application. We concentrate on exercises that help you to perform everyday tasks efficiently which in turn offer tremendous transfer to athletic development for sports and other physical endeavors.


EdgeFIT programs offer complete conditioning that address all the major components of fitness in structured systems; including but not limited to strength, power, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed, accuracy, and core strength/stability.


EdgeFIT programs are adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of men, women and children of all ages and at various levels of fitness. No matter what your fitness goals may be, whether you are sedentary individual or an elite athlete. If you are serious about improving your health & fitness we have a program is for you.


EdgeFIT programs are practical and inexpensive with minimal equipment required. Most exercises involve nothing more than a kettlebell and your own body-weight and can be performed virtually anywhere, anytime.

Feel Phenomenal . Be Exceptional

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